PhotoShop AutoSave – Holy Crap!

AutoSave for Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and IllustratorSpoiler Alert: This app is amazing, and I’m not even affiliated with it!

I am a huge PhotoShop user, I would consider myself advanced. I use PS CS5 and it is open 24/7 along with Dreamweaver.

Regardless of your software, designers and developers who work with projects that progress will always meet that moment where either their app crashes or they simply forgot to save and they lose minutes, hours or even days worth of work.

No matter how many times you tell yourself  “remember to save, remember to save”…when you get deep into a project and you’re on a roll, it’s VERY easy to forget to cntrl S (win).

Two nights ago I had put about an hour of work into a new project, I grew tired and decided to go to bed… I forgot to save the latest version of my layout.

The next morning I came down to find my system had updated and rebooted. The last hour of work, Gone!

This put me on a quest. I Googled ‘CS5 Auto Save’ and found that as advanced and dominating Adobe is in the industry, they have yet to include an Auto Save function in their suite…at least not as of CS5.

I did however stumble across an amazing FREE little app made by a Korean developer.

AutoSave is a crazy little application/service that runs in the background (PC only it would appear). You download it, install it and you will find the logo above appear in your system tray.

Right clicking the icon gives you the option to choose how often to save, whether or not you want backups made (and how often) and what applications you want it to work on!

Did I mention it’s Free? The person does ask you to buy them a beer or coffee if you like it, I donated happily and recieved a very sincerely thank you message.

AutoSave works not only on PhotoShop but also on Dreamweaver and Illustrator. It will also work on a few non-Adobe apps like Painter, 3DMax, SketchUp, MangaStudio and Notepad++.

The makers of the app did not ask me to post this, I am simply shocked it’s not not out there more and I find it to be a lifesaver!

System Safety: Many of you, like myself, may question “if it runs in the background, how do I know it’s not doing something turning my system into a spam zombie?“. Well I certainly have no guarantees..I don’t know the developer personally. I do however utilize ESET NOD32 Antivirus (Superior AV Software) and I specifically scanned this little bugger, but it found nothing harmful.

The link to the developers site is here (note, it’s a Korean ‘google site’): Click Here

The Download link to the Latest English version of  the app is here: Click Here

HOWEVER, I run Win 7 and had an issue with the above version, I emailed the developer and they sent me the following link, which works great: Click Here

NOTE: This app when installed was in Korean, but right clicking the icon in the tray and selecting  ‘Language’ allowed me to change it to ‘English’.

8 thoughts on “PhotoShop AutoSave – Holy Crap!

  1. Yep, autosave.exe is the best thing ever. I’ve used it with manga studio and photoshop, for some reason they love to crash on my system (I blame the graphics card). With autosave, I never lose more than 5 minutes of work even in the worst case.

  2. Quick Update 2/23/2013

    I had turned off my autosave because I do a lot of large format printing materials. I flatten them to process to the printer and if I forget to unflatten them…autosave keeps it flattened and I’ve lost several projects ‘raw’ formats because I did not realize it was saved flattened. (make sense?)


    Two days ago I worked on a project for a good hour and my video card did a driver update. My screen went black and when it came back photoshop was closed…!!!!

    I lost an hours worth of work I could have saved had this app been running. For now on I keep autosave running and it’s up to me to ensure I keep my files unflattened when it’s time to walk away for the day.

    • Fabrizio,

      Thanks for visiting my post.

      The app runs as a service and sits in your tray.
      You tell it how often to autosave (5min, 15min etc).

      As far as computer crashes, it has no ‘recovery’ ability, but it does also include the option to not only save every so-many minutes…but also safe a backup copy. So every time it saves it’s actually saving two versions, the one you’re working on and a backup.

      The app is not ‘perfect’, but so far still the best safety net I’ve found.

      • Fabrizio,
        I apologize, but I never responded to this last question.
        I assume you figured it out, but for all the others I’ll explain.

        To start, you tell AutoSave to save the project at a specified increment (5 min, 10 min etc..whatever you want).
        Then there is an option to ‘backup’. Should you wish to use that option, you then tell it to backup EVERYTIME it autosaves…or every 2 times it autosaves etc.

        When that ‘backup’ is triggered, AutoSave asks you where you want the backup saved. I have a PSD_Backup directory that I save everything too. I save my originals in my specific project directory, but all backups go to PSD_Backup so there is no confusion as to where it is going.

        I hope that clarifies.

  3. I’m just starting on Manga Studio after using GIMP and if this app then you deserve many thanks for linking it! I can’t count the hours I’ve wasted because brain-dead developers can’t comprehend the idea of an Autosave. At least Photoshop has figured it out, maybe Manga Studio will too but in the meantime, thank you!

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