TweetAdder 3.0 – Not for the Birds!

TweetAdder 3.0In looking for a Twitter application that will allow me to monitor and grow numerous Twitter accounts, I came across TweetAdder (v 3.0).

Only if you want to truly grow your twitter follows should you take on TweetAdder. You will want to sit down and really walk through the application because it holds allot of bells and whistles, none of them a waste however.

Some might consider it’s $55 for a single license a bit steep ($74 if you want up to use up to 5 accounts) but if you truly use it, it will be money well spent!

TweetAdder allows you to search online Twitter profiles and/or millions of tweets themselves looking for specific subject matter. Those it finds it will systematically follow them, looking of course to get a followback. If they do followback you have the option of an automatic ‘thank you’ message. If they Don’t follow you back, TweetAdder will wait a few days before UnFollowing them..keeping you from having a disproportionate follow/followers ratio.

The app also lets you load your favorite RSS feeds and automatically feed them as daily tweets, do as many as you wish per day..automatically. You are able to Pre load tweets to go out in order or mix them up and much more.

Tons of good stuff that will help you manage and build multiple Twitter accounts automatically.

Wi-Fi Media Backup – Blackberry

I am a Blackberry user and I tend to like applications that make my life more efficient. I recently downloaded Wi-Fi Media Backup and I have to say it’s one of the coolest apps I have.

Once online, it copies videos, photos and any other file I suggest over to my laptop via my wi-fi. So if I’m at home and I take a photo of my kids, it just automatically copies over to my laptop instantly! OR…if I’m away and take photo’s it will wait until I’m home and then transfer the new images over…VERY COOL.

No more need to worry about losing good pics from my phone!

iPhone + Verizon?

I caught a whiff of information regarding how Apple has a chunk of code in their iPhones and iPads that allow it to work without on different networks without it being activated WITH that network. The code is evidently removed just before launch of the product…hmmmm

See More Here

Update: Nov, 2010 – I had to call Verizon for an issue I was having with my Blackberry. I brought this up and he immediately said it’s not true. I even told him about the above code… He responded “I know nothing about THAT, but I can guarantee you we are not going with iPhone”.

Update June 30th, 2011 – Well we all KNOW how this turns out ;0)

DB Admin’s..You Need This – CSVed

I work a lot with databases, specifically MySql. So this means I often have people wanting me to import data into databases and they get me that data using Excel.

Well 9 out of 10 times I have to augment that data and though I know Excel is an impressive program if you take the time to learn it..I just don’t wanna! Enter CSVed, another FREE opensource application that rocks!!

CSVed allows you to alter data in a csv file in about any way you wish. Combine columns, move columns delete columns add columns and that’s just with columns ;0).

So take my word for it, it’s a GREAT tool to have when you need it…and did I mention it’s FREE (donations appreciated).

Download Link, An Alternative to Microsoft Office

Listen, I’m not a Microsoft ‘Hater’ and honestly I don’t own a Mac and I really like my XP system which has crashed maybe twice in 6 years.

However, I have had more issues with Outlook and Word over the past few years. So much so that I started looking around for alternatives, honestly thinking I would run into a brick wall and be forced to live with my frustrations.

Well I was wrong and somehow stumbled upon, put out by Sun Microsystems (think Java) and it’s FREE. OpenOffice is a package of about 6 programs that will handle anything from text docs (Word), to Database Manipulation (Access), to Spreadsheets (Excel) and a couple more I have not even used.

Did I mention it’s FREE? Not only does OpenOffice handle the ability to read and manipulate Word/Excel docs, but it allows you to save them as such. It also has a native ability to convert docs to PDF’s!  I have told many people about this free software and the word so far is that I am a GOD!

Now OpenOffice is not without flaws, it has not Outlook alternative and I’ve had a couple crashes….But did I mention it’s FREE?

Blackberry gets Torched from Engadget

Not surprising after taking a look at Blackberries new phone, Torch, Engadget gives the new item a 6/10 siting THE GOOD: Portrait slider is a great form factor, Big improvements in native web browser, OS is far more polished than last version & THE BAD: Hardware design feels dated, OS improvements are mostly skin deep, Low resolution display.

They did not appear to have the same issue with the size of  the Keys which are most certainly smaller than those found on the BOLD.

Read Review

iTunes 9 Vs iPod Classic (no bueno)

I hook up my classic iPod to my new HP Mini loaded with iTunes 9 and iTunes will not recognize my classic 60 GB iPod. Now I go into analyst mode and wonder is it my iPod (which I don’t use much anymore), is it my HP Mini or perhaps my connection cable.

After several connectivity tests and swapping out my cable, I decided to Google the issue and found there is INDEED a problem with iPod Classic connecting to iTunes 9…and Apple has recently admitted looking into the issue.

So do I wait for the fix or do I try to locate and download an earlier version of iTunes?? hmmm

Update 12/14/10:  I have not updated my iTunes since this post, however as of yesterday (12/14) I updated my iTunes to version and it appears to be recognizing my classic 60GB iPod. It may be worth noting the I loaded this to my new Win 7 system, not my HP Mini as mentioned above, that will be the next task.

Google Caffeine

It wasn’t well publicized, but in June Google came out with a new web indexing system. Indexing is how Google looks at your site and makes it easier for others to find you.

Caffeine helps Google produce 50 percent fresher search results than it did prior to it’s introduction. In a nutshell, Google visits your site aprox once every 3-4 days in order to list your content for people to find. My understanding is that Caffeine now allows Google to visit your site nearly once PER DAY.

What does this mean for you?? It means keeping your site up to date and offering dynamic content will be more beneficial to you and the people looking for your service. If Google visits your site, they want to find new if your site is static and not updating on a regular basis, Google will loose interest.

So keep your site up to date…caffeine will like it!

Read Google’s Blog

Blackberry Torch

At first sight I was excited about the Blackberry Torch (offered only through AT&T), but upon handling the phone I soon realized the physical buttons are too small.

I have not been able to play with the touch screen, but the physical keys would be one of the primary reasons for purchase, and the size alone tells me it would not be useful to me.

So play with it before you purchase it!!