Wi-Fi Media Backup – Blackberry

I am a Blackberry user and I tend to like applications that make my life more efficient. I recently downloaded Wi-Fi Media Backup and I have to say it’s one of the coolest apps I have.

Once online, it copies videos, photos and any other file I suggest over to my laptop via my wi-fi. So if I’m at home and I take a photo of my kids, it just automatically copies over to my laptop instantly! OR…if I’m away and take photo’s it will wait until I’m home and then transfer the new images over…VERY COOL.

No more need to worry about losing good pics from my phone!

Blackberry gets Torched from Engadget

Not surprising after taking a look at Blackberries new phone, Torch, Engadget gives the new item a 6/10 siting THE GOOD: Portrait slider is a great form factor, Big improvements in native web browser, OS is far more polished than last version & THE BAD: Hardware design feels dated, OS improvements are mostly skin deep, Low resolution display.

They did not appear to have the same issue with the size of  the Keys which are most certainly smaller than those found on the BOLD.

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Blackberry Torch

At first sight I was excited about the Blackberry Torch (offered only through AT&T), but upon handling the phone I soon realized the physical buttons are too small.

I have not been able to play with the touch screen, but the physical keys would be one of the primary reasons for purchase, and the size alone tells me it would not be useful to me.

So play with it before you purchase it!!