SOPA/PIPA – A Bad Taste In My Mouth!

Stop SOPAEven though we are active members of this society, it seems as though nothing we think or feel truly counts. It appears as though the government runs everything and we are but a tiny voice yelling down a dark cold chasm. Unfortunately it is that feeling that has led this country into the piss poor shape it’s in today…if we don’t get involved, nothing will change or improve.

H.R.3261.IH better known as SOPA  (Stop Online Piracy Act) is a legislative nightmare.

Listen, I’m a web developer who has built numerous interactive interfaces for countless organizations. I’ve had MANY creations ripped off and have made other people abundantly wealthy from MY hard work. Nobody is more agitated by Intellectual Property theft than myself. However SOPA is not the answer.

As a web developer and hosting service, SOPA could hold me responsible for the acts of others. It will open the door for fraudulent accusations with laws that would support those accusations before defending my rights as a responsible server/sight owner working in a global market!

I understand that we all want to think and hope that the government should be able to facilitate SOPA efficiently, but the internet is EXTREMELY complicated with VERY vague laws. The government can’t even run Amtrak or the United States Postal Service, less complicated entities that have been around for decades & decades.

Please make an effort to demand SOPA be brought back to the drawing table!