iTunes 9 Vs iPod Classic (no bueno)

I hook up my classic iPod to my new HP Mini loaded with iTunes 9 and iTunes will not recognize my classic 60 GB iPod. Now I go into analyst mode and wonder is it my iPod (which I don’t use much anymore), is it my HP Mini or perhaps my connection cable.

After several connectivity tests and swapping out my cable, I decided to Google the issue and found there is INDEED a problem with iPod Classic connecting to iTunes 9…and Apple has recently admitted looking into the issue.

So do I wait for the fix or do I try to locate and download an earlier version of iTunes?? hmmm

Update 12/14/10:  I have not updated my iTunes since this post, however as of yesterday (12/14) I updated my iTunes to version and it appears to be recognizing my classic 60GB iPod. It may be worth noting the I loaded this to my new Win 7 system, not my HP Mini as mentioned above, that will be the next task.